Saturday, March 3, 2012

A few new posts for getting website traffic...

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Website Viewers

Since we are starting a new year, I recently purchased a traffic exchange.

It's called Jazzie Hits .com

and my plan is to improve on this resource in order to offer some quality website visitors.

It's free to join and view other sites, banners and text ads in exchange for traffic to your own websites, banners, text ads and affiliate links.

You get bonus credits when you sign up and activate your account.

You can also win free ads when you login or click reward links in the surf bar and on prize pages.

There are customizable splash pages you can advertise to get referrals and credits when your referral page is shown.

Stop by and check it out!

Douglas Wade
Admin at

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Traffic and Leads, A Free Blog With An Instant List!

Hi Friends,

This is a BREAKTHROUGH in online advertising.

In Seconds - you can have MASSIVE Exposure for whatever you want to be sharing with others.

More traffic means more leads... blogging about your opportunities gives you more exposure, especially when you already have instant traffic!

You can create a permanent record that can be ranked in Search Engines and get WHATEVER it is you want to talk about - Seen by hundreds of EAGER people RIGHT NOW - and it's F*R*E*E!!!

As a free member, you can even earn from three levels of affiliates when anyone in your downline upgrades their membership! Upgraded members earn on five levels!

The site is called Instant Blog Subscribers and no matter if you are a seasoned blogger or have never made even your first 'Post' - this site is going to put your message in front of hundreds of people instantly!!!

Doug Wade's New Blog At Instant Blog Subscribers

The biggest names online are using Blogs as the hottest way to communicate and people are falling over themselves to find a 'Blogger' they like and then follow them!!

And yet - over 90% of people never get more than 50 Subscribers to any blog they set up... BUT HERE - YOU GET HUNDREDS INSTANTLY!!!

What do you think THAT will do to your ability to promote (Anything) and influence (Anyone!)

If You are thinking "BLAST IT OUT OF THIS WORLD..." You are absolutely RIGHT!

Doug Wade's New Blog At Instant Blog Subscribers

With Instant Blog Subscribers;

• You don't have to know anything about Websites.

• You don't have to install anything or set it up.

• You can be up and running in seconds and have your message going out to HUNDREDS of people before you can even type "Check Out My New Blog!!"

Look -

the bottom line is this.....

If you are serious about getting your message seen by more people - more often.... You can not afford to miss this.

This system compliments EVERYTHING You are already doing online and increases it's power and effectiveness by hundreds of times.

You can connect with fellow members and you can build your own (Unlimited) list of subscribers by simply getting your blog up (SO EASY!! AND TAKES SECONDS!!) and out into the world.

I am hooked! - This site will form the base of EVERYTHING I do online from now on in... Because it just adds so much power!

Grab it while you can!

(There is also a HUGE PASSIVE INCOME to be generated by the site - so if that interests you... I would move even faster!!)

Doug Wade's New Blog At Instant Blog Subscribers

To your success,

Douglas Wade

P.S. - If you are EXTRA serious about getting people to view what you want them to online - keep an eye out for the offer on sign up - don't worry, it is not compulsory and the site is F*R*E*E - but that offer will multiply your effectiveness by about a thousand times and throw thousands of dollars of additional exposure your way.... Keep your eyes peeled....

Doug Wade's New Blog At Instant Blog Subscribers

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Being social can make you money online and bring you more traffic!

Networking is a term used by lots of marketers these days. Sometimes it means getting others to join an opportunity as part of your downline, sometimes to find joint venture partners and other times just to get your website link in front of other people on the chance that they might be interested and take a look.

”Social Networking”, the new buzzword, combines gathering contacts and socializing.

These contacts can be personal friends, internet friends, business contacts and anyone else with similar interests both recreational and career wise.

For example, making contacts with people who have a common hobby can not only be rewarding as you share tips about your hobby, but also you can share other interests.

Sharing with others can be a good way to show off your expertise in a given field, especially if you are marketing something related to that field.

Also, sharing hobbies, tips about your business or unrelated topics helps make you appear more ”human” to others and builds a sense of trust between yourself and others.

There are lots of websites and other ways to ”Social Network”. Some of the sites that I use are listed below:

Swom - Have You Duplicated Your Business Yet? - Social Bookmarks

Digg - Social Bookmarking

FaceBook - Networking




Reddit - Bookmarking site

Stumbleupon - Bookmarking site

Technorati - Bookmarking site


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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Using Twitter for more traffic

If you are not already using Twitter to gain more traffic and readership you should check out this link.
You can Tweet about your latest blog posts or additions to your website and anyone following can see your Tweets (messages).
You can also ReTweet other people's messages and everyone can see them. Here's a tip about doing that.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend,
Douglas Wade

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Monday, March 2, 2009

Get more traffic with freebies...

One of the best ways to get traffic to your websites is to give something away.
This can be an ebook related to your niche or blog themes or something else depending on your particular niche.

A very easy way to create these giveaway products is to use private label content.

Private label content or private label rights content is "ghost written" content that is licensed for reuse by the end user.

With a quick rewrite and edit to polish up and personalize the feel of the content, you can end up with a product that contains useful info for your niche, and can be branded with your name website links and sales page links inside.

Right now there is a great free resource going on called "The Free PLR Giveaway Round 6"

There are free no restriction plr products from 20 of the top internet marketers in the following topics:

  • Niche Articles
  • Emergency Cash
  • B.U.M. Marketing
  • WordPress Blog Themes
  • Audio Interviews
  • Cash Building Strategies
  • Internet Marketing And Website Enhancement
  • Blogging
  • Twitter & Wordpress
  • Internet Business Secrets
  • Loving Yourself
  • Affiliate Profits
  • MySpace
  • Sales Strategies
  • Music Loops and Clips For Internet Marketing

Don't forget to act now and get your plr freebies before they're gone...

See ya there,
Douglas Wade

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Monday, December 1, 2008

Free Instant Optin Profits with MRR

Here's a link to get a free ebook called "Instant Opt-in Profits".

It's about getting more signups on your list and making a profit from them.

More here...

Thanks for reading,
Douglas Wade

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